Yakta Zero-Turn Mowers

Mowers That Give You Ultimate Performance and Unbeatable Service

Innovative Zero-Turn Mowers Driven by Your Needs

Crafted with your needs in mind, each zero-turn mower is designed with a commitment to quality. This is because we’re passionate about giving you the best mowing experience possible. Yakta is where innovation and durability meet to create cutting-edge zero-turn mowers.

Unmatched Support: Take on more and worry less with customer support here for you when you need it, plus the best zero-turn mower warranty ever offered: 5 years or 2,000 hours covering everything except the battery, blades, and tires. Our warranty and support show our commitment to bringing you reliable zero-turn mowers.

Innovative Designs: Your concerns fuel our passion. As you tackle a never-ending to-do list, Yakta is here to help ease your lawn care worries. You can take on more with versatile mowers that adapt to each task. With features for easy maintenance, including many tool-free adjustments your mower is always ready to perform.

Ultimate Performance and Strength: Engineered for efficiency and precision so you can get superior mowing experiences out of Yakta mowers. Every mower is made from strong high-quality materials and built to handle the challenging conditions you put it through.

You are never alone with Yakta. From the moment you first reach out through every mow, we are here for you. Your time is precious, and you deserve a zero-turn mower that rises to the challenge.

Yakta Zero-Turn Mowers

YXR 910

The Ultimate Performing Powerhouse.

Keeps Up with Whatever You Throw at it.

YXR 710

The Premium Purpose-Built Machine.

Made to Exceed Your Nonstop To-Do List.

YXR 610

The Rugged & Smooth Workhorse.

Spending Less Without Losing Durability.

YXR 320

Designed for Durable Performance.

Designed for Durable Performance.

YXR 120

Built for the Determined.

Designed for Durable Performance.

YXS 720

Getting the Lawn That Stands Out: Coming Soon.

Getting the Lawn That Stands Out.


5 Years or 2,000 Hours

No Worries.

You get a worry-free, efficient, and enjoyable mowing experience. Yakta’s warranty even protects your transaxles and engines for longer than the OEMs. You get the best zero-turn warranty because we are committed to building long-lasting zero-turn mowers. If something happens, you don’t need to call multiple manufacturers, you just deal with us. Our customer support team is here when you need. 

With our industry-leading warranty for both residential and commercial operators, you can be confident in your mowing experience. All you have to do is keep a record of routine maintenance. 

No fine print and no hidden terms – it's that simple. 

What isn't covered:




Conquer Every Terrain with Zero Downtime

Experience ultimate efficiency to tackle any terrain with minimal downtime, with innovative mowers designed for you, by you.

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