Yakta mowers: the best zero-turn mower warranty

What's the Best Zero-Turn Mower Warranty? A No-Worries Experience.

By: Liane Carter | December 18, 2023

Getting a new zero-turn mower is an investment. Knowing that you’re covered if something goes wrong can help. You don’t have to worry when you are backed by the best zero-turn mower warranty and reliable lawn care equipment to get your tasks or jobs done. That’s why we are designing strong zero-turn mowers that are covered by a longer, more unlimited warranty. Here is Yakta’s commitment to quality and to you:

No-Worries Zero-Turn Warranty

    • 5-Year / 2,000-Hour Coverage: You can breathe easy knowing you are protected for 5 years or 2,000 hours.
    • So Unlimited Everything is Included Except Three Parts: The only parts not under warranty are the battery, blades, and tires. You even get longer protection on the Briggs or Kawasaki engine and Hydro-Gear transaxles than the OEMs cover them.
Commercial and residential zero-turn mower warranty

Easy Maintenance and Support

    • More Time to Enjoy, Less Time in the Garage: You have better things to do, which is why Yakta’s mowers help servicing go smoothly with features such as tool-free adjustments and no grease points.
    • Quick Response: We offer free next-day delivery on warranty parts to minimize downtime and keep your mower running smoothly.
Zero-turn mower warranty and maintenance

Ensuring Quality from the Start

    • Feedback-Driven Design: What’s missing from your lawn care experiences? Your feedback drives us to improve our mowers so that you get equipment that you are excited to use.
    • Built to Last: Reliability is at the heart of every Yakta Zero-Turn Mower. We know you have high standards that we can hold ourselves to, that’s why we pay attention to durability and high-quality construction.
Zero-turn mower warranty and quality

Focus on your lawn, not your equipment issues, with the best zero-turn mower warranty. If a problem comes up, you can relax knowing that we are here to help get you back to mowing in almost no time.

Learn more about our zero-turn mowers and warranty details by clicking the links. If you want to reach out, we’re excited to chat. You can call us at +1 866-926-9248 or email info@yakta.com.

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