Yakta mowers: how to choose the best zero-turn mower

Six Factors for Picking the Best Zero-Turn Mower for Your Lawn

By: Liane Carter | March 01, 2024

Zero-turn mowers are powerful machines that can save you a lot of time and effort. These mowers can get around tight spaces, turn on a dime, and quickly mow large areas. Choosing the best zero-turn mower for your lawn care depends on many factors.


Zero-Turn Mower Warranty

Buying new equipment is a big investment. A new zero-turn mower should last and not break down, and if something happens, it should be easy to get it fixed. Many manufacturers have limited warranties where you have to read the fine print and call a number of OEM support lines to get help. You can worry less about whether your mower will work when you need it. With Yakta, you get:

    • An industry-leading 5-year / 2,000-hour warranty so unlimited that everything is covered except three things: the battery, blades, and tires.
    • Longer coverage on engines and transaxles than the OEMs offer.
    • A client care team that handles it all, so you don’t have to contact the engine or parts manufacturers.

How do you get the best zero-turn mower warranty?

    • All you have to do is keep a record of routine maintenance.
Zero-Turn Mower Warranty


Mower Deck Size

How many acres are you mowing?

    • Less than an acre? A cutting width of 34"-42" is probably enough.
    • 1-3 acres? You probably want a cutting width of 42" -54".

How many obstacles do you have to mow around?

    • You might need a smaller mower deck size if you have fence posts, pools, trees, buildings, and other tight spaces to maneuver around.
Size of zero-turn mower deck for lawn size


Zero-Turn Mower Engine

Engine power is crucial to get a high-quality cut. More horsepower isn’t always better. If you only need a 54" deck, you don’t need a 40 HP engine. However, a larger engine will power you to:

    • Use a bigger deck and run it efficiently.
    • Do a better job on tough terrain and thicker grass.
    • Get the job done quicker.
Zero-turn mower engines


Fuel Capacity in a Zero-Turn Mower

How many acres you can get out of your zero-turn mower every time you fill up depends on the efficiency of your engine and mower. The type of terrain and grass you are mowing also impacts fuel efficiency.

Trying to wrap up mowing before refueling can put you in the position of emptying the tank when you are far away from your truck, home, or other refueling source can make you walk over your fresh work to stock up on gas. Don’t let this happen to you.

    • The YXS 720 can carry up to 17 gallons of fuel and has the largest fuel capacity of any stand-on mower.
Zero-turn mower fuel capacity


Comfort and Convenience on Your Mower

Consider the extra features that make mowing fun for you. These features might not impact cut quality, but they can enhance your mowing experience. Always find out which features are standard on the mowers you are looking at and ask about accessories that are available with the mower.

Using customer feedback, Yakta designed our zero-turn mowers to be comfortable and easy to use, with many standard features, including:

    • Suspension seats.
    • Adjustable controls.
    • Padded handles.
    • Cupholders.
    • Spring-assisted deck lift.

Depending on the mower, you get even more premium features. For example, the following are standard on all YXR 710 models:

    • Reclining suspension seat with 3" travel, plus adjustable armrests and lumbar support.
    • Digital display that shows digital fuel gauge, error codes, engine hours, PTO hours, and the time.
    • Covered storage with USB charging and cupholders.
Zero-turn mower features and comfort


Mower Maintenance

You are not buying a mower to spend more time in your garage fixing it up. Find out how much servicing different mowers need and how easy it is to perform those tasks. To enjoy mowing and spending more time outdoors, Yakta mowers are designed to be easy to maintain, with features such as:

    • Tool-free engine oil changes.
    • No grease points.
    • Easy access to engine, deck, and transaxles.
    • Tool-free tensioner arm to change belt.
    • Digital console that displays error codes.
Zero-turn mower maintenance

Choosing the right features on your zero-turn mower can save you a lot of frustration. For commercial lawn care, saving time means more money goes into your business. For homeowners, getting the right mower means you can enjoy more of your time at home and with loved ones.

Finding the best-zero turn mower for you depends on lawn size, obstacles, engine power, maintenance, comfortable features, warranty, and more.

What is the best zero-turn mower from Yakta? It depends on what you need. See our current models. Or reach out to us. You can call us at +1 866-926-9248 or email us: info@yakta.com.

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